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An individual who wears the uniform/jersey of a sports team or player only because he/she heard that the team won some type of championship. Additionally, the person really does not know anything about sports and just wants to look cool wearing the logo/name of a champion, as if he/she followed them from the beginning.
That unitard is always changing his favorite team.
by psychmajor92376 August 02, 2006
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a one-piece, full-body suit reminiscent of pajamas you wore when you were 1, which became an early 2007 fashion phenomenon sweeping the closets of hipsters and pseudo hipster debutantes alike.
Did you see Atticus' unitard? I so want one to wear under my designer frock.It will cover EVERYTHING.
by CherCa February 20, 2007
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When someone does something so singularly retarded it is unlikely to be repeated. A person who is a pinnacle of retardedness (i.e. unique retard).
Clarence just got caught looking at porn on his work computer. What a unitard.
by Kwame Beauvais January 28, 2009
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A person who uses unicode letter replacements in order to be cool in the online word. These people also usually think they can hack, but have never written a line of code in their life.
    ₤ãώđ  Øf  βГăıń  ∑ă╥ıй  ζǿmβìέš   is a perfect example of a unitard 
by bentangle January 26, 2009
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