Coming together with someone to do something
The two countries will unify their armies to fight against the enemy
by chicken nerd October 22, 2020
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Shittiest internet provider ever in the history of mankind.
Even a sloth is faster than Unifi.
Ali: Hey dude, should I get Unifi?
Abu: No man its suicide. In fact its worst than suicide!
by HezuzCreeest December 28, 2016
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When two people ( preferably in high school) start talking and suddenly become interested in each other. Whether in a friendly way or sexual manner.
Tom and Mary have unified!
by Geroge Capronez March 23, 2010
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A person who brings communities together based on a desire to help improve the quality of Life in a community
Juan Pablo Santa Luna is the first community unifier in Orlando , Florida
by Community Unifier September 23, 2022
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Los Angeles Unified School District. Poor graduation rates. Lousy test scores. Teacher union strikes. Metal detectors at school entrances. You get the idea.
Radio Announcer: Big Chuco's Tires in Montebello is offering a special deal! Buy a set of four used tires and they will throw in a set of old rims for free! But you gotta hurry! This deal only lasts for another 24 hours! For all you LA Unified grads, that's means the sale ends this time tomorrow!
by ZXY&ABC August 3, 2019
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My friend George Hellens. Was refered to as G-Unit until that fag ass "gangster" crew came along. We had to think of something new, I came up with "G-Unification" or for short "G-unify"
Unify is mega cool, and i thank him for keeping it real, but be warned when keeping it real goes wrong, it goes very wrong.
Sup Unify
Oi Unificational Methods get your ass over here
sup hellens been unifying the masses recently?
by Ed Fox April 12, 2005
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1) an as-yet-undiscovered theory unifying many scientific field theories into one understanding of how the universe operates

2) something unattainable, much as finding an actual unified field theory has baffled scientists for decades
Einstein spent the last two decades of his life trying to develop a unified field theory.
Person 1: John keeps asking Sarah out, but she's not biting.
Person B: She's his unified field theory. Ain't gonna happen.
by ChuckChaser69 July 21, 2008
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