Abu means that he is great. Also Abu means that he never brakes a promise
This guy is Abu!!
by asdfghjklmko November 22, 2016
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Sometimes known as "Lah", is a semi-known Arab known for doxing and DDosing other users.
Did you know Jack got doxxed by Abu?”
by AverageHappyHuman April 27, 2022
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Short for Abubakr or Abubacarr.
A handsome good looking black guy with a long fat schlong. He's so hot, he can get whoever he wants. 10/10 face 10/10 dick. Would let him hit any day w/ that confirmed BBC. He has big dick energy and is impossible to resist with that sexy ass glare he has. Even though he's hot, he's also a really great guy. Never pass up a chance to be friends with Abu.
Girl 1: Look at Abu, he's looking fine as hell
Girl 2: As usual
Girl 3: He could get it any day
Girl 2: I'd let him rail me whenever

Girl 1: I need to see what's down in his pants, its probably huge!
by SomeoneOnThisEarth April 25, 2022
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I love him so much. Ariana we get it you like abu stop being a creep
by chachilala October 26, 2018
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he is a really toxic guy. He calls Tim gay. CALLL HIM TOXIC.
Tim: Hi

by 9l6ol May 22, 2019
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The monkey from Aladdin but mainly a way of saying "BOII DID YOU JUST ASSUME MY GENDER??" Or just "BOI"
Boy: yo dude did you see this post on Insta-

Unknown gender: ABU. Did you just assume my gender??
by Nooooouuuuu February 26, 2017
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a sly scumbag whom is a homewrecker and hides behind girls because he is afraid of being hit by others for his actions.
"oh man did you hear how john pulled an 'Abu'"
by mylyn October 7, 2013
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