Luna is a badass she will fight for anyone who can’t fight for themselves. She cares about the underdogs. She has a lot of friends and comes off as mean or intimidating but she’s actually really nice and sweet. Luna is the definition of drop dead beautiful.She has such a big heart. She is also extremely funny and can make anyone smile.Her smile can lighten up a room. But don’t let that smile fool you she is really good at hiding her emotions. She is so selfless and cares about others before herself. She’s usually tall with dark hair and eyes. If you ever meet a Luna be nice and she’ll do the same. Don’t loose this one because she’s a great friend and girlfriend.Falling for her is easy but her falling for someone is a little harder she has probably been heart broken or just plays hard to get so give her time and she’ll come through
Wow she was really nice and beautiful she’s probably a Luna.
by Jejxxjnsakox December 22, 2018
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Luna is the most beautiful girl you've ever seen. She is a girl with a great personality, she is awesome in every single way. A girl who's funny, classy, gentle, loyal, silly... She can always cheer people up. For me she's bae and she will always be.
Guy 1: i really need a beautiful girlfriend who's funny af, simply an amazing girl who can make me always happy.

Guy 2: oh, you really need to search you a Luna!
by Babyboo💘 October 26, 2014
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She is a great person with a beautiful smile and personality. She is a great human and will stand by your side every step of the way. She can’t be crazy or mean. She is one of the nicest people you will ever see and know. As soon as you get to know her you will figure out that her conditioner smells like strawberry. She is can be really fun but doesn’t like to play sports. She will catch your eye as soon as you see her you that will tempt you to ask her out.
Luna means that she will go to the moon and back for her loved ones and crushes.
by RStephen Curry March 14, 2020
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Luna is an emotional reck who puts people before her. She’s super funny and loves making people happy, she cry’s every night not telling anyone about her depression but when that sun come up she puts a smile on and gets with her day. Over all Luna is the best friend you could ever have, shes funny, sweet, giving, and broken but she’ll always be there for u even if it breaks her heart.
bro why the heck is Luna’s face all red? She looks like she’s going to cry.
by Nightmoney October 20, 2019
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Luna is an amazing friend! She might seem very shy at first but once you get close with her she is weird in a good way and very funny! You’ll laugh with a Luna until the sunsets. You’ll always get chest pain from laughing with her.
Girl: Oh I wanna be friends with her she seems like a Luna
by Idkheh133 October 19, 2019
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1. "Moon" in Spanish and Italian. Basically means moon in almost all Romance Languages.

2. A person who is really nice and caring, but hot and sexy at the same time. Amazing in bed. Friendly with everyone and loves to hang out with her friends

3. The name of the cat in Sailor Moon.
1. La LUNA e bellissima!

2. "Who is that?"
"I don`t know, but she is such a LUNA."
by LKJGFDSA March 31, 2009
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