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Noun- A free video game and animation engine that is popular with beginners and indie developers.
The Unity engine powers many egglike and 3D Browser games.
by UNDEFINED_PROXY_1337 July 07, 2014
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Unity is what the universe actually is. There may appear to be separate parts but they are as whirlpools in a stream.
John saw that there is unity in the universe and what appears to be opposed or separated is an illusion.
by fred ressler April 10, 2017
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A key part of the punk culture. Most true punks, no matter where they come from, would stand up for brethren in time of need. Its the feeling of being a minority in a place that hates you, you cling to people like you and form a bond almost as close as love. I listen to street punk, my friends listen to crust punk....we have differences but if some prep or cop tried to start a problem, they know ive got their backs as well as they have mine. Im not personally sure where it started, im sure if you asked an old punk they'd tell you, all I know is I won't let it die.
operation ivy song-"there ain't noting wrong with, another unity song...."

The casulties(ignoring the fact that they are fake punks) when they say things like up the punx
by scott droze April 20, 2006
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Unity is a probably a very pretty girl but says she is ugly to her bestfriend everyday. Also she is obsessed with boy bands like one direction and why don't we and is probably very emo. She also wears black everyday and listens to twenty one pilots, panic at the disco, my chemical romance, paramore, and many more emo bands. She is very depressed but doesn't show it much. She is also obsessed with guys that are named jack and have noodles for hair. She is very annoying and funny and is veryyyy mean she doesn't take peoples crap and is probably a slytherin. She is also obsessed with one of the most hated characters in harry potter which is draco Malfoy and she is also most likely a scorpio.
by dr.Malfoy December 31, 2018
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Pronunciation Key (YOO-ni-tee)

1. Of or pertaining to the unit (a.k.a. "penis")

2. Likened, as in by reference, to the unit (a.k.a. "penis")
1. She swallowed the unity discharge with great gusto.

2. This zucchini is vaguely unity.
by gadiv August 06, 2006
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