Noun- A free video game and animation engine that is popular with beginners and indie developers.
The Unity engine powers many egglike and 3D Browser games.
by UNDEFINED_PROXY_1337 July 7, 2014
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Unity is what the universe actually is. There may appear to be separate parts but they are as whirlpools in a stream.
John saw that there is unity in the universe and what appears to be opposed or separated is an illusion.
by fred ressler April 10, 2017
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Attractive and super hot, freaking prettiest woman on Earth and really funny and cool
The prettiest girl on this planet is Unity
by FHZ April 2, 2017
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interj. Taken from Chappelle's Show, used after you put someone in their place/make them your bitch.
"You sit down when you pee."
by trick trickster September 27, 2005
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A song by TheFatRat that is used by some people sometimes
I do not like the song Unity
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Unity is a game engine made by Unity Technologies. It has 3D and 2D, has Visual Studio support and uses the C# and C++ programming language.
Unity is a pretty cool game engine man!
by EngineerGaming December 3, 2020
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Unity mean oneness and the meaning is very close to unify.

However unity is also a girls name she is most likely gay but chill
“Hey unity are you gay?”
by Unityisthebestaries April 5, 2021
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