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The sweetest, funniest person you will ever meet. The cutest, most handsome and loving person alive, he is so caring, smart and respectful, with high goals in life.
Juan Pablo
by Anonymous#1-10 June 26, 2017
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A Juan Pablo is one of the most amazing people you will ever know. A Juan Pablo is cute, sweet, kind, gentle, and probably the best kisser ever. If you ever get a weird sensation in your stomach then you know your around a Juan Pablo.
Girl 1: OMG did you see that hit guy over there!

Girl 2: Yeah! He's so a Juan Pablo.
by HorseLover3399 May 22, 2016
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Juan Pablo has the sweetest smile you'll ever see and the kindest heart you'll ever meet. He is passionate about life and simple things, such as the sound of birds in the morning, a really nice sunset or a cold breeze in his face while he is walking. Juan Pablo is intrigued about life and justice, he can spend hours pondering on hypothetical situations and enjoy his alone time. When you first meet a Juan Pablo he might appear a shy person, he usually is, however he is one of a kind, a very sensitive soul with A LOT to say; even though he rarely shares what's on his mind, when he does, is because either he is drunk or he appreciates and trust you. A very caring and loving person. He will always try to demonstrate how much he loves who he thinks is the one. Juan Pablo doesn’t know how to mange frustration and can do pretty mean jokes sometimes, but don’t take it too personal, he doesn’t really mean them. If you have a Juan Pablo in your life, go and tell him how much he means to you, he probably doesn’t shows it, but this matters to him.
Girl1: I think i've met the sweetest guy alive
Guy2: I think you finally met Juan Pablo.
by thegurlwhohopestobetheone November 23, 2021
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An absolute professional wall crosser, using any means ranging from tunnels, catapults, slingshots like angry birds, cactus camouflager to pole vaulting like an Olympian. Likes other Mexicans or French/Swiss girls but usually is friendzoned or given an FWB status. Beware of the ferrel Juan Pablos, they can be dangerously horny.
Look, there's another Juan Pablo trying to get across the great wall again. Lemme grab my gun and plead the fifth. He's trying a slingshot this time!
by NameJustice2000 December 12, 2016
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A runnaway from Mexico with white hair, a sex offender. If licked, grows by 11 inches.Loves when girls lick his butt.
Heavens! Thats a Juan Pablo!!!!
by kalvarskiy November 17, 2016
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Juan Pablo Botello, also known and JP or Pablo is a yeehaw boy who likes to act like he can claim Atlanta.

Juan Pablo Botello is the stupidest person you will ever meet but also the funniest. He is a light of happiness and a the single handed best person to be around. While he might say dumb things a lot, he makes up for it with his kindness, humor, and great personality. He’s hardworking and very smart in the educational sense. Juan Pablo is admirable and an obvious asset to any scenario or as someone in your life. A quality person to have 24/7. Reliable, genuine, and kind hearted at all points of the day. His confidence and motivation are admirable.

Juan pablo is creative and has a really good taste in music. He is incredibly well-rounded; being educated in traditional concepts like business and finance while also taking interest in art, fashion, and other generally creative concepts. He’s energetic, and uplifts those around him. In addition to him being kind, he’s fun, can get along with anyone, & a BADDIE even though he is 5’2.

The only bad quality he has is that he will leave you on read at least once a day, and only knows one dance move.
Who the fuck is Juan Pablo?

Juan Pablo Botello slid in my dms 3 times
by Pee pee poo poo!!! October 22, 2019
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The greatest Formula Driver to never win a Championship. He competed in Formula 1 from 2001 to 2006 and is my favorite driver to date.
Person 1: Juan Pablo Montoya is the greatest to never win Championship

Person 2: What make him?

Person 1: Watching him race BMW M-Power V10s is incredibly entertaining, he used to beat Michael Schumacher too.
by Valtteri Bottas 77 fan January 5, 2022
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