Unfuckable is the penis useless to fuck, not because the lack of erection, but due to its very small size, equal or inferior to 4 cm ( or 2 inches ) when erect, turning impossible the intercourse in the vagina ( ups and downs), to achieve the orgasm. In such cases, to obtain it, is necessary to use a penis pump to masturbate. The same occur with the buried ( in the pelvis) penises. Many times, the improper size refers only to the length of the organ, not the girth, that can be large ( only a big head outside the pelvis, but totally useless to move ).
" His unfuckable penis has a big mushroom head, but its length is only the length of that head, without a exterior shaft to sustain it."
by Willhelmina Plowes December 26, 2009
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adj; something that is incapable of being fucked, due to repulsive appearance, physical infeasability or some social or behavioral inhibition.
The dead body decomposed to the point where it was unfuckable.

Even if he did not have an inverted penis, Joey's personality still makes him unfuckable.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi referred to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel as an "unfuckable lard-arse"
by iamgoingtohell October 15, 2011
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a chick that is so hot that you know she will never even let you near her
1:wow, shes hot
2:go talk to her
1:nah, she's unfuckable
by yorn aim November 14, 2003
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Some thing or situation that is so cool, so very perfect, so impressive, that no one could ever concieve of it as fucked, or fucked up, or all fucked up; or say about it "Fuck that." It's too good. It can't be fucked. It's unfuckable. From the Russian nev'yebenno.
Did you try the spicy spinach dip? It's so good it's unfuckable.
by David Coufal October 3, 2003
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A fat black girl that is so grossly overweight nobody would date her, much less have sex with her.
La Toya weighed 550 pounds and was totally unfuckable.
by Richard Black March 11, 2005
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Something that is so amazing, so perfect, so awesome that you just can't FUCK with it. Nothing in the world beats it, it's the best of its class.(i.e. Unfuckable)
man my car is fuckin amazing, it's mid-engined, rear wheel drive, lightweight, has just the right amount of HP to enjoy the sportiness while being very efficient as a daily driver, and of all else is fucking HOT. Not only have i found the best car in terms of performance but the best car in terms of appearances as well. The Toyota MR2 is UNFUCKABLE.

Ex2: yo man that routine i ran on that girl was UNFUCKABLE, it works every time.

Ex3: i pimped that bitch like no otha...unfuckable!
by Chink_soulja March 19, 2007
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