1 definition by Chink_soulja

Something that is so amazing, so perfect, so awesome that you just can't FUCK with it. Nothing in the world beats it, it's the best of its class.(i.e. Unfuckable)
man my car is fuckin amazing, it's mid-engined, rear wheel drive, lightweight, has just the right amount of HP to enjoy the sportiness while being very efficient as a daily driver, and of all else is fucking HOT. Not only have i found the best car in terms of performance but the best car in terms of appearances as well. The Toyota MR2 is UNFUCKABLE.

Ex2: yo man that routine i ran on that girl was UNFUCKABLE, it works every time.

Ex3: i pimped that bitch like no otha...unfuckable!
by Chink_soulja March 19, 2007
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