the most beautiful races of women on earth and the most genetically diverse race of women!
"the black girl's chocolate skin, her full curly hair and her dark orbs oozed of gorgeousness..."

"her unique brain complimented her bewitching looks..."
by namjoonlovesblackgirls January 14, 2019
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That black girl is so hawt.

I want to date her.
by baceee March 16, 2008
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slang for a black gun, for example

you know we keep that black girl!
by lildee214 September 21, 2007
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The most genetically diverse race of women. They come in all shades and all nationalities. They conform to their own standards of beauty as theyre features are much different from other girls. There are so many beautiful dark princesses in Africa and South America but most people only have their limited experiences with the poverty ridden , "dont give a fuck" kinds in American ghettos.
GUY 1: Dang, I saw this sudanese girl yesterday, I swear she was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen
GUY 2: Yeah Black girls are hot as hell.
by Zacky OG December 16, 2016
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Black Girl is a term used to score some heroin or if you want something safer then fentynal and not get messed over not knowing the concentration of your content. Like when your slanging I got that hard and soft or in other terms I got that White Girls and Black Girls
A: You got that good hard.

D: Yup, that good, good Black Girls.
by Staxxxofmatches August 4, 2017
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A black (African-American) female with no defining character qualities that is added to the cast of a movie or television show to appear diverse.
They will notably have few lines and appear only a few times in the show.
Will sometimes have a catchphrase or quirk to give the character some resemblance of a personality.

You may notice at times the character will not even be given a name (although the actor will still be credited.)

The character Marsha from the American sitcom The Brady Bunch had a token black girl as a friend, if you blinked you might have missed it.
by PoeticallyCorrect March 18, 2014
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carefree black girls do not try and fit into eurocentric beauty standards. they are wholly comfortable with their blackness and love their melanin.
See that chick with the flowers in her hair? That's what I call a carefree black girl.
by deepgh1 April 4, 2017
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