An extremely ugly woman/girl that nobody wants to have sex with.
"That maddi girl is UnFuckable"
by Logan Dempster July 17, 2016
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Not always in a sense meaning you just look fucking hideous. Lots of times, unfuckable can be someone you consistently try to talk into fucking and fail every single time. Kind of like this "hard to get" bullshit that goes on all the time. Hard to fuck lmao.
A: I hope you get a chance, bro because I never could get her to let me fuck her.
B: Forreal?
A: Yeah man. She's so hot, yet so unfuckable. Basically, she's a really hot conservative. She seems so fucking moral.
by ahkbar47 March 26, 2016
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Sex so terrible that you feel like you've become a virgin
"Cameron was so terrible, I've basically been unfucked."
by The Hoely One December 30, 2015
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To remove or correct any stupidly fucked up mistakes.
Hey bruh! Can you please unfuck this file?
by devera August 22, 2011
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An unfucker is some one who is a smooth playboy, and totally convinces you that you do want to have sex with him, but when it comes down to it cant hold up his end of the deal for one of the following reasons:

A. Drank too much and cant get it up.

B. Is terrified of having sex perhaps for medical reasons (ie, fear of premature ejaculation or has had some type of accident or surgery)

C. Has some type of STD like herpes that he is scared he would pass on to you.

Sometimes it gets really awkward when you encounter one of these unfuckers on a one night stand, waiting and waiting for the punchline... but it never comes.
Jacie: OMG, I cant believe it, all that smooth talkin and Marcus turned out to be an unfucker.

Tina: What? He unfucked you too?? Gosh, that guy totally unfucked me, and I was sure I was getting laid. I think he is unfucking that little Turkish girl now. Poor thing, soon she will find out hes an unfucker too.
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