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The action of rubbing hardly a lubricated penis head with your hand in order to make the man cum.
When doing a stroke, if you handle the ball sack firmly with one hand and the penis head with another, the ejaculation will come faster and stronger
by Willhelmina Plowes July 14, 2018
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In ancient and medieval times was a common practice the castration of vanquished enemies after the battles. A historian of the Seljuk sultans told a tale in which after a great victory over the the last of the Khwarazmians, the turk Seljuk Key Coubad ordered the testicles or scrotums of thirty thousand defeated army soldiers joined together to produce three hundred tents - a task which apparently occupied the greater part of the army for five whole days, but produced what was described as a memorable memento of the battle!
"These mass castrations were done just after the battles, in order to sell the new eunuchs to the merchants of slaves that usually followed the armies".
by Willhelmina Plowes May 6, 2013
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A vulva with big and protuberant pussy lips (just the inner or both).
"Many men like and prefer meaty cunts "
by Willhelmina Plowes May 6, 2015
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A penis with a very large head
" His dick is the mushroom head penis type, with the girth of the head much larger than the shaft, as many women like."
by Willhelmina Plowes January 26, 2010
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A good, kind, merciful and generous person.
Deborah Kerr about John Wayne : " He was a kind hearted man".
by Willhelmina Plowes February 6, 2010
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It is a remarkable and pleasant smell that comes from a healthy woman pussy that turn the men more attracted to them.
"The scent of a woman is more intense just before the female period, in order to attract the males."
by Willhelmina Plowes August 20, 2013
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