Fixing something that has been fucked up by a stupid mistake.
hey Jonny, you misspelt every word in your reports. I’ll unfuck it for you.
by El Wappo. June 9, 2019
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word created by official LSC student Tyler. This word means that u are too useless to fuck or saying you are shit and useless or the feeling of disappointment. it also mean u cannot have sex as you are useless.
person 1: Oh no I failed my exam
Person 2: you are a piece of unfuckable, useless dumb shit
person1 : *sobbing*
by unfuckable boi June 4, 2021
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Un-fuck: to fix something that's been fucked\fuckdup
Time to unfuck this mess that's been fucked up
by DARCIEP September 29, 2019
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A want to undo a fucked up situation, or regretful experience of sexual intercourse in the past.
Man, I wish I could unfuck my Sophomore year so I could have a chance at that scholarship.

If only I could unfuck that girl so I wouldn't have herpes.
by Kksteeeze September 11, 2009
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A threat to use on a sexual partner when you're pissed at them. It will strike fear in their hearts, as you are attempting to take back all of the fucking you have done with them.
Boy: "Holy shit! NO!!!"
by fuckfuckityfuckfuck July 11, 2010
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To express the desire to have not had sexual intercourse with some one.
by May 29, 2003
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to repair sth., to fix sth., to remedy sth.
Fuxxy: Who has put his fuckin' fencing bag in my wicked trunk? I can't open it, it is jammed as hell!

Unfuck(k)ing: May I unfuck that particular trunk of yours?
by B. J. Copper Foley September 27, 2009
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