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Some thing or situation that is so cool, so very perfect, so impressive, that no one could ever concieve of it as fucked, or fucked up, or all fucked up; or say about it "Fuck that." It's too good. It can't be fucked. It's unfuckable. From the Russian nev'yebenno.
Did you try the spicy spinach dip? It's so good it's unfuckable.
by David Coufal October 3, 2003
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n. A person that hates other people that might (or perhaps, might not) be different than him. He/she could be a racist, a gay-basher, a religious fanatic, or any number of idiotic things like that.

syn. retarded stupid-assed bigot

fine-tuning of this definition is welcomed and encouraged
A bunch of hatards are going to try to constitutionally ban sanctioned loving relationships in Texas this fall by trying to convince otherwise rational folk that gay marriage will makes hetero marriage weaker than it already is.
by David Coufal June 4, 2005
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