a small two seat, mid-engined, rear wheel drive car that was produced by Toyota from 1984 to 2007. The MR2 is often called a "poor mans Ferrari" because it was really cheap for a mid-engine car. There were 3 generations of the MR2, The W10, the W20, and the W30. The MR2 is famous for suffering from "Snap-Oversteer" which occurs when the car eases off the accelerator during a corner which causes the two rear tires to lose traction
Person 1: "That's one cool car, What's it called?

Person 2: "It's called a Toyota MR2"
by unoriginal mr2 June 12, 2018
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OH YES BABY! I have one myself! :).
Don't try to fuck with my midengine rear-wheel drive, soon to be 13lb's of boost baby!
by JustSmokedYourCivic January 7, 2004
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