Rough intense sex in different positions. Very Kinky.
Guy: Fuck yeah deep throat my dick
Girl: Finger my mouth and put your dick in at the same time
Guy: I love when we do our Wild Sex nights!
by #IKILLJR August 2, 2014
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wild, crazy often loud sex. like can be seen when apes are mating. pretty much self-explanatory.
1."could u hear the neighbors last night?"

"who couldnt? they were havin crazy-money sex"

2. the kids were outta town so the parents had wild-monkey sex
by (:~revenge is sweet~:) June 6, 2006
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when u have sex with out words only grunts, squeals, screams, boar noises and oinks

*invinted by anton not cyrus
anton: helina dinos into wild boar sex
helina: whats that
anton: its when u have sex with out words only grunts
dino:ooo yea
helina: oo yay
anton : it sounds like this REEEEEEEEEh
by ANTON ZUZU October 10, 2005
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When you put sugar on the top of your dick and then fuck a girl that has diabetes until she has a seizure
"Wow, man have you ever had wild diabetes sex?"

"No, dude, I'll try it later!"
by Ali the Mexican pervert March 18, 2014
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when you throw a girl around the room while eating gummy worms. Then you put the gummy worms in her butthole then eat it. After that u smack her across the face and say that was fucking amazing and run out the door.
While me and Bill were having wild crazy sex i got a concussion
by L.A.N February 16, 2009
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The most incredible type of sex possible to have, very rare and hard to find, but doing so is totally worth it.

The easiest method is to go either Amsterdam's Red Light District located in the Netherlands or (in)famous brothels in Nevada USA.

Be prepared to shell out some major cash for the best sex you will ever experience.EVER!!!
Guy One: "I headed out to that one awesome strip club you told me about it kicked ass and I boned this really hot chick"

Guy Two: "Great to hear it, how was she in the sack?"

Guy One: "Amazing, easily the best I ever had, it totally counts as Super Awesome Wild Monkey Sex ."

Guy Two: "Seriously? Man your a lucky SOB! Do you have her number, I want to see if she willing to have a threesome..."
by Monkey-With-Wrench November 3, 2009
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