54 definitions by Caitlin

She is a funny person who can always make you laugh. She’s a hard worker and does good in school. She is the most loyal friend you can ever find. She really pretty and never criticized anyone about them selfs. Over all Lilna is the best person you can ever meet!!!
You wanna grab some food - Kim
I can’t I’m hanging out with my bestie Lilna - Liz
by Caitlin November 28, 2018
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someone who smokes crack (or other drugs like peices of weed, pills) and after it's all gone they get on the floor and dig through the carpet to find little crack rocks. Also combin the carpet.
Man, look at the damn carpet comber on his hands and knees.
by Caitlin February 21, 2005
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Two people that are madly in love with each other
Caitlin and Ford are mushoossss
by Caitlin April 8, 2005
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Lazy asses who dont want to say "truth or dare" simply abbreviate by saying "tord". Tord is derived from T or D.
by Caitlin May 17, 2004
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peas as in 'peace' adding carrots to the mixture
person a: bye
person b: peas n carrots
by Caitlin February 26, 2005
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A young sought after female, usually found near an xyut.
That yuntie is some girl.

Hey guys, there go yuntie and xyut
by Caitlin January 11, 2004
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