nonsense or bullshit that someone is talking
man u need to squash all that noise, I ain't tryin to hear all that
by Moni September 17, 2003
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An extreme type of electronic music different to Noize. Noise is what it sounds like it is. Different layers and types of static which are put together to create a song structure. It can be painful to listen to.
Turn the Con-Dom up! I just love those strange noise bands!
by hallucinogene September 1, 2003
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another word with multiple meanings like the word fuck.... Most accurate meaning is "dbs from machines,music,airplanes,talking,screaming,anything that makes a vibration, etc

Is also being used now to describe Drama, or plans.
You want to go to Her party.... Man fuck that noise....
Hey man, whats the noise for the night?
by NidgeDFX June 5, 2009
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What you hear coming from the other room when your dad is banging your mom.
by passionsurf November 9, 2008
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refers to things that need to be acomplished once a desired destination is reached.
I have to go over to my sister's house and fix all that noise.
by Dr. Buttons March 24, 2003
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Best used at appropriate times, such as 2 o'clock in the morning.
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 19, 2003
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a thing that comes out of the general human's vocal cords.
by bitchy_itchy_agustd December 29, 2018
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