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1.) Lead singer of pop punk/rock band All Time Low.
2.) Obession to millions of girls world wide.

You pick.
Girl #1: Pick. Alex Gaskarth or Patrick Stump
Girl #2: Alex Gaskarth, he's such a hottie.

by Aprii August 14, 2007
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The amazingly gorgeous frontman for All Time Low. Most people think he's a manwhore.
Girl #1:Alex Gaskarth is so hot!
Girl #2: I heard that he's a manwhore.
Girl #1: Who cares?!?
by Miss Marie K March 17, 2008
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lead singer of punk pop band all time low; extremely fuckable; commonly seen with gorgeous hair, super skinnies, and a beanie; voice of an angel; rockin bod; sexy to the utmost extreme; causes erection to any male/female who witnesses his perfection.
1. wow, alex gaskarth makes me bone so much.
2. that atl guy, alex gaskarth sounds great, id totes sex him any day!
by alexgaskarthfucker October 29, 2010
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The amazing lead singer of the bad All Time. He's extremely talented and is one of the hottest guys ever!
"Have you heard of Alex Gaskarth?"
"That hot singer from ATL?"
"Back off, he's mine!"
by Mrs. Alex Gaskarth<3 February 05, 2009
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The lead singer of All Time Low. His name literally means YOU. ME SEX. NOW. He is having a bromance with All Time Low's guitarist Jack Barakat. He wears anything he wants and still look extremely hot, he can even pull off a skirt. He said that he doesn't know how to swear and that all his mind are capable of is pulling two out of nowhere and stringing them together, and he once called Matt Flyzik a dick fucker.
Me: I went and saw All Time Low yesterday.

Person: Really? How was it.

Me: How was what?

Person: It.

Me: Oh you mean 'IT'

I saw Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat making babies.

Person: Duh, his name literally means YOU. ME. SEX. NOW.
by fuckyeahalltimelowswears September 09, 2010
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The epiqly hawt lead singer and guitarist from the pop-punk band All Time Low. Not only is he a fantastic singer and musician, he is also really hot, attractive, nice, and HILARIOUS. All in all, perfection.

The only bad thing about him is the kind-of ugly tattoo of a skeleton on his forearm. But everyone makes mistakes, so it's forgivable.

Loved by girls everywhere. And some guys, too.
Girl 1: Hey did you hear about Lil' Wayne and -

Girl 2: Lil' Wayne?! Pffft! Alex Gaskarth owns.

Girl 1: Who's that?

Girl 2: Um...the hottest dude alive? *shows Girl 1 a picture*

Girl 1: Dayum he IS hot! But...Lil' Wayne can sing.

Girl 2: Not only can Alex sing REALLY well, he can also play guitar.

Girl 1: Wow! Skills! He's mine!

Girl 2: Girl, you kidding me? He's taken. By me.

Guy 1: Too late. He's mine now.

Girl 1/Girl 2: o_o
by Aquila IlyTequila Shotz August 23, 2009
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