A mustache Under the Lower Lip, not connected to a beard or goatee.
Mr. Stevens looks like a nerd without his ull and goatee, but when he hasn't shaved them off he looks like a film star!
by pentozali August 29, 2009
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a noise made by many strake/st. agnes students to indicate a range of emotions including (but not limited to) regret, embarrassment, uncertainty, disgust, and hesitant disagreement. used best with a hand motion of both hands, palm out, shaking back and forth as if to say "not me." we think it came from mrs. mouton, but we can't be totally sure.
"i just ran a red light and now that cop is following me. ulll..."
by Tony April 03, 2005
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Idiotic variation of "you'll or you shall/will". Looks like it should be pronounced, 'uhl', like 'pull'.
Doofus: so ull go to da prom wif me tonite????/////
Zelda: Hell no.
by jay January 02, 2005
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A Ulle is the name for the most awesome man on a school
If you are referred to as Ulle you must meet all the criterias below:

Fun personality
Very handsome

Besides these criterias, Ulle is often chill and relaxed.
He gotta be Ulle!

Are you sure?

YES, check how handsome, cute and awesome he is, even though is all laid back maan.
by Tgysrisohm October 03, 2011
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Man that Tito Puentes is such an Ulle.
by Weasel September 14, 2003
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Quite clearly a misspelling of the phrase "you will see". It is used primarily to indicate that something bad is going to happen in someone's future and that they are oblivious to the fact that it will happen. Often times, if someone is being groundlessly arrogant, a good "ull c" will let them know that you see straight through them. Also, if you are having an argument with someone, you can drop a"ull c" to give them some existential dread that something bad is going to happen to them.
Cocky kid: Haha! that Calculus quiz was so easy!!
Me: Oh really?
Cocky kid: yeah!!! i finished in like 2 minutes!!

Me: Just wait until the test... ull c.
by yehop. September 13, 2017
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