A person who, to put it quite literally, extremely up herself/himself. Strakes are overly flamboyant, and possess a quality that makes themselves think they are the centre of attention. Usually mildly intelligent, but then show off about their intelligence capacity. In conclusion, plain annoying.
Man, that guy's such a strake.

Dude, you're such a strake.
by TheWorder12 June 8, 2011
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Can be used in many forms such as
3-not taking care of business
1- Billy bob is straking hes riding on the back of Johns car.

2- Travis is straking he doesnt even know that man and he is talking to him like he knows him

3- Stacy is straking finals are next week and she hasnt cracked opened a book yet.
by Tanisha Arceneaux August 23, 2005
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The urban equivalent of straight.

Indicating that everything has been hashed out and is now OK and straight between all parties concerned.
As in "Yo dawg it's kool we strake"
by IronMan, Tony Stark, 211Man August 6, 2011
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A hard all boys Catholic High School in Houston, TX.
A place for the phony tough, and the crazy brave.

guy: you go to Strake Jesuit
guy2: ya
guy sucks man
guy2: ya
by sjstude September 9, 2010
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A place where real niggas go, every one there smokes loud shit, everyone says bet
That dope nigga goes to strake Jesuit
by FuckWhatTheyTalkinBout June 13, 2016
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The Myth that all the guys at Strake Jesuit (an all boys Catholic High School in Houston, TX, known for their sports) are really good looking
Jill: omg Jane guys at Strake are so cute
Jane: wtf Jill, they are so not, my brother went there & they are nothing special
Jill: but they go to Strake, doesn't that make them hot automatically?
Jane: not even..that's The Strake Myth
by hewasadouchebag January 25, 2011
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People who finger their assholes and eat their own cum
Regular guy: wow steaks is for fags

Strake Jesuit guy: no we only finger their asshole and drink their own cum
by Strakeisforfags May 31, 2011
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