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The Best skateboarding shoe around. Rates #1 on like 5 websites I've seen. And they are hella comfortable. Model Shoes include Patriot, Rival, Herritage, Scout, and Strike and were created by Jamie Thomas.
I'm getting my new pair of Fallen shoes in a week!
by Weasel August 9, 2004
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A great band who at the time only has 1 fucking song. From New Zealand and I would buy their album if it has more then that song on it.
Linkin Park needs a new song but Steriogram needs a new song
by Weasel September 9, 2004
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An old joke used all around the world. it says scroll down to learn how to keep an idiot entertained, then on the lower part scroll up....
clcik on the link to lean how to keep an idiot entertained
by Weasel May 12, 2004
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an old company which made miniature sk8boards that you could customize to you liking. They were "The Shit" for a while but became sold-out like blink 182 or AIM
Dude, check out my tech deck, complete with DC wheels and the ELEMENT deck! o yeah I'm the shit...

Dude, you do realize that tech deck is not used anymore...?
by Weasel May 12, 2004
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A non-hetero man IE gay (non-derogatory term)
Henry is a flinky, he hangs out at church and wellesley
by Weasel September 8, 2004
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when your vagina or lip gets pulled so hard it streches and is then called a gummyworm.
jade has a ugly ass gummyworm because of a bike accident when she was 5. nobody wants to bang her because of it and shes french
by Weasel January 14, 2005
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when you receive an orgasmically felacio from a chick; usually its when you haven't received a felacio in a while
last night mandy cleaned my pipe and i busted all in her face
by Weasel April 23, 2005
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