the most beautiful girl you will ever know, not just a typical girl...shes very lovely, kind, smart, optimistic and has the best personality. the kind of girl you would want to present to your mother and be proud of. she is perfect ,with a simple smile she probably already have captivated your mind and soul. she's a sweetheart (a true lady with class and self respect) but don't push her to her limit. she wont mind getting down and dirty.
has a nice butt

the kind of girl every guy wants and dreams about and every girl envies
i think i fell in love with agnes
omg Agnes is so beautiful!
you're such an Agnes
would you please to me the favor and marry me, Agnes
you will live happily with Agnes
you will never regret meeting her for one split second
by unknown123bxox March 29, 2013
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a computer voice that is given by default to macintosh computers. it is quite irritating, but hyterically funny to use to your own advantage.
agnes says: ______________________________________
(insert whatever you want in here)
by Tinkerbelll April 28, 2004
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Ahh... An Agnes, u decided to search up agnes.


Agnes and a beautiful And muscular girl that u will fall in love with once u meet her. She is very smart and can be very close with her teachers. Loves 90s sort of music...i guess that's what u call it. And has a big heart and cares about u and how u are. that didn't make sense. Very good at acting and likes to dance.

Rowan: BROSOME I know rightttttt, she is a great friend!!!!

Aitan: I Feel ur bones dudesomes.😎
*Random Fan walking on sidewalk with sign says LOVE U AGGIE*
by it's UR gurrrllll February 3, 2019
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A very kind and intelligent person, often creative and tireless in reaching set goals. Agnes is also very outgoing and sociable, someone you definitely want to be around!
Agnes, you're holy!
by Giocomo February 3, 2010
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Agnes is someone who is super outgoing super flirtatious and knows how to touch a guy all in the right places. Guys Fall in love with Agnes without even trying. Agnes is somebody who can get any guy to like her and all girls wish to be like her. She knows how to be super nice but also knows how to bring out the bad guns when needed. She has an amazing smile. She acts like she doesn’t care about school but wants good grades. Agnes is someone who dyes her hair because she’s bored. She has lots of friends. She’s known as one of the popular girls. She is also respectful to adults. Agnes is very sexy knows what to say to a guy to get the guys attention she has that look that intrigues guys and makes them want her. She has beautiful brown eyes. She is ultimately the prettiest girl you will meet.
I fell in love with Agnes!

Agnes is amazing

Agnes is the prettiest girl I have ever laid eyes on
by Bigballern13 November 2, 2019
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A hot chick.
A way of saying that shit's cool.
Another way of saying 'let's bang.'
"That's so Agne."
by orangefingerss February 21, 2009
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