Beautiful people who didn't get pretty until high school or later, and were nice because they were ugly. The niceness carries over through life.
She's got ugly ducking syndrome.
by andrea February 6, 2003
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When a person who used to be somewhat awkward and not attractive, though not necessarily unattractive, becomes extremely beautiful. Because this person used to be unattractive, bitter and jealous people assume they are emotionally damaged and scarred. Hence, they believe the aforementioned beauty is mentally demented, while they themselves are sympathetically retarded.

Ugly Duckling Syndrome is an excuse to undermine the physical and inner attractiveness of a blossomed beauty.
"Wow! That girl used to be really awkward! What happened! I'm sure she MUST have done some kind of plastic surgery to get that face. I guess she's really insecure then, and she probably has ugly duckling syndrome."

"No you dipshit, she just went through puberty."
by Mr. Lipshitz June 15, 2009
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A person who did not develop fully (therefore making them ugly) up until highschool or later and becomes pretty and they are really nice and have low self-esteem.
Stephanie was a ugly fuck but she was nice, but now she is hot and doesnt even know it (!bong!)
by Tical February 5, 2004
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Addition to the entries above:

A sudden awakening from UDS can have extreme big head reactions. This unfortunate turn of events is one of the primary foundations of the camwhore , a girl who has been sheltered/shunned from sex - but suddenly realizes she "has it".
UDS + TLC + netmeeting.exe = camwhore
by SaussyBurbank April 7, 2004
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When a person with a good personality is actually attractive.
When you set me up on that blind date, you should have told me she had the Ugly Duckling Syndrome, you scared me when you told me she had a good personality.
by Hyland February 2, 2004
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(A.) When a person used to be a really ugly kid, but then later turned out to be really good-looking.
And usually, the total opposite can happen.
by Glittery Goddess July 29, 2004
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A situation in which a girl who used to be ugly before puberty becomes hot, but still, in her own mind, she thinks she is ugly.
Often referred to as U.D.S.
"Krista seriously can't take a compliment can she?"
"That's because she has Ugly Duckling Syndrome."
by Matt Pelton April 2, 2007
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