self esteem is how u feel about urself. low self-esteem is when u dont like urself, or u feel bad about urself.
thats one reason ppl make fun of other ppl, b/c they have low self-esteem
many shy ppl can have low self-esteem; thus that can be a reason why they're so shy.
some ppl make fun of certain ppl and mess with them a lot, b/c they have low-self esteem..b/c they feel bad about themselves, or they have something they dont like about themselves, so they make fun of someone and when they get other ppl laughing they feel better about themselves, or they feel good that they got something out of that person.
by c_tina August 24, 2008
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one's inability to accept himself; one without self; one's tendency to live unhappily in accordance with principles which he does not understand but values because not to value these principles would introduce him to a reality which, though he senses its existence and its rightness, he fears acknowledging.
Your low self esteem effects me and that is why i dislike you.
by Johny November 4, 2004
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whats women have givin me
girls have acalle dme ugly and mean thing salmy life no wonder im always depressed
by DROOPY November 27, 2004
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Man A "Hey did you here about shelly"

Man B "No what happened"

Man A "Apparently she boarded the football bus and banged the whole team"

Man B "Dammm shame we missed out, I'd heard Shelley has low self esteem"
by Da_Real_JZ April 21, 2009
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the effects of stuck up, and full of themselves math teachers who work crappy jobs at public middle schools
i've been having low self esteem latley
by Joey Nukes March 11, 2006
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When you jack off only to average-ish girls because you know the girls you really want are too far out of your league and you lack the courage even to fantasize about the girls you really want.
Chad had low self-esteem, so he only wanks in the shower to pictures of Becky when deep down he really wants Stacy
by D Flawless November 12, 2019
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The knock off of "Girls Gone Wild" featured on the hilarious TV show, Arrested Development.

Known to discriminate against the flat chested women (ie 'surfboards"). Has driven women to have breast implants so they can throw away their self esteem.

Participants get a hat.
Girls With Low Self Esteem Producer: "Ok ladies, here's the deal. You have breasts, we have have hats. Show your breasts, you get a hat. If anyone wants to get back a daddy, nows the time!"
by Sierra Leone January 30, 2006
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