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Spoof lyrics of the ever so popular "Elmo's World" song heard on Sesame Street. Created by Andrea and Chase one day while sitting in band class.
"La la la la
la la la la
Emo's World!

La la la la
La la la la
Emo's world!

Emo's love their skinny jeans
and cutting too!

That's Emo's world!"
by andrea May 21, 2007
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The Cappies is an award ceremony similar to the Tony's but for High School Theatre.
High Schools in certain areas of the US and now Canada, sign up one of their plays or musicals during a school year for Cappie critics to come. Then they follow certain guide lines for the production. At the end of the school year, the critics vote on the different shows for different awards. Then there is a big gala where the awards are presented and excerpts from some of the shows are preformed.
-Wow! That kid was soo good in (school's Play->)_________, they should totally win the Cappie for best play!
-That school's production should win a lot of Cappies at the gala
by andrea June 17, 2006
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An old expression for a used condom found on the beach
The beach has gotten so dirty you can't sit down without landing on a Coney Island whitefish.
by andrea March 07, 2003
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A person who uses rather large words in order to sound smart, when they really aren't.
I wish he would use normal words instead of being constripulos cause we know he is really a moron.
by andrea September 03, 2003
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crazed and angry. Credit goes to Mr. Ro, an AP english teacher from Fairfax High.
by andrea December 02, 2004
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The guitarist and occasional backup singer for the band the killers. Really cool hair. Cooler hair than my brother's. Also called Dave Keuning or just Dave or "the one with the hair" (I have never understood that comment).
"I'd like this band to last for another 50 years. I want to be in a band like Queen - that's my dream. I want that kind of longevity and that kind of variety."

David Keuning has the bestest hair!
by andrea June 07, 2005
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The biggest f*cking douchebag in utica history. One who likes to take steroids and gets off emailing and web camming his ex-girlfriend.One who after a long day of classes being shot down by both women and men, likes to touch his small penis and rub his tiny over-roided balls.
Jesus Anthony! Calm the fuck down, you are acting like an EdDeCarlo!
by andrea March 01, 2005
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