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to make one un-alive
i wish to kill that man of yours.
by andrea December 19, 2004

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Beautiful people who didn't get pretty until high school or later, and were nice because they were ugly. The niceness carries over through life.
She's got ugly ducking syndrome.
by andrea February 05, 2003

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The name says it all. Some really UGGly boots that come in all different colors. Commonly worn with 4 inch skirts by girls with close to zero self-esteem.
Hey Jenny, those are some nice boots. What, are you going mountain climbing after school?
by Andrea February 18, 2005

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to want to fight if someone offends you; preparing to fight if someone steps to you

Derived from the song, "Knuck if you Buck" by Crime Mob
"We knuckin and buckin and we ready to fight..." Princess of Crime Mob
by Andrea September 21, 2004

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minnesota is best state in the whole country. it has a wide variety of weather situations inculding SUMMER where the temperature can reach up to about 100 degrees. there are a lot of different races religons and people here and PLUS our governer can beat up your governer!
all minnesotans are extremly sexy and very good at snowboarding or skiing
by andrea March 09, 2005

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An old expression for a used condom found on the beach
The beach has gotten so dirty you can't sit down without landing on a Coney Island whitefish.
by Andrea March 07, 2003

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someone beyond perfection
she looks like adriana lima
by Andrea February 09, 2005

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