"clap them cheeks"is a phrase said by men that wanna fuck the shit or would fuck the shit out a girl
Andy: i would clap them fucking cheeks bro
Josh: same i'm gonna clap them cheeks at her party
by CobraTheAsshole7 June 17, 2019
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Meaning to beat someone in a game, sport or activity.

Chris : Jonny I bet I would beat you at basketball

Jonny: Shut up I bet I could clap them cheeks
by The7436181615372kid May 9, 2021
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to have sex with a girl from behind and hear the “clapping sound” while you are making love
Ronald- “Hey becky lemme clap them cheeks.” Becky- “No ronald.”
by Bennett Boy September 16, 2018
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This is what you do whenever you have to have sex really quietly.
I had to golf clap them cheeks with my girlfriend last night, or her roommate might have woken up.
by Undo Hajiban September 28, 2020
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The act of having sex with an Area 51 alien after or during the September 20 raid, usually in a meme context.
Hey Michael, are you going to the Area 51 raid next week?
Yeah, I’m gonna be clapping them alien cheeks
by Meer0000000 August 2, 2019
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