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clap them cheeks

The art of fucking someone so hard their butt cheeks are sore for at least a week when clapping them cheeks it is usually rape but sometimes consensual and it is usually anal sex. Clapping them cheeks is a true art that not even the most skilled fuckboi can achieve. When clapping them cheeks if she screams stop you must pound her with your 2 inch destructor until her anal canal bleeds.
im finna clap them cheeks daddy
by CHEEKS CLAPPER 6996911 September 27, 2017
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"clap them cheeks"is a phrase said by men that wanna fuck the shit or would fuck the shit out a girl
Andy: i would clap them fucking cheeks bro
Josh: same i'm gonna clap them cheeks at her party
by CobraTheAsshole7 June 16, 2019
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