Persona 4 is the 4th game in the long line of Shin magami tensei persona games. It's a murder mystery that takes place in the country town of inaba. It is rated M for mature despite its happy go lucky color yellow.
Someone: hey bro you know about persona 4?

Someone: yeah bro its the best persona game.
by Nintendite May 28, 2019
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Where a bunch of teenagers rip off JoJo's bizzare dventures in all of its glory and summon in stands, inside a tv world to figure out why people get murdered for being on a ad at 12:00am
Persona 4 cast: let's enter the tv world
by coop-meme January 6, 2021
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Persona 4, originally for the Playstation 2, is an overrated social simulator and jrpg. If you see anybody talk about the Persona series on twitter, you will see them rave about this dogshit video game.
"Ey man, wanna play Persona 4?"
"No. That game sucks ass."
by Newsteevie January 29, 2021
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the worst mainline persona game. derogatory term
"this shit is persona 4"
"you piece of persona 4"
by monatone May 24, 2021
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