What one puts as their Among Us username to make it look like this when they get kicked off the ship.
you fool i was/ was not the Impostor

maybe an Impostor remains
by WTMS369 October 11, 2020
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A phrase that incorretly replaces "me" with "I." As many English speakers are ignorant of their own language, the speakers have trouble with the usage of "me" and "I."

This phrase is typically said by those trying to act smarter than they actually are. They believe that the rest of the world says the phrase "between you and me" incorrectly and are trying to show off their smart ass. However, they are just idiots.
Presenter: Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah....

Guy 1: (To Guy 2, in a whisper) Between you and I, this guy is boring.

Guy 2: And you are trying to be a smartass, but failing. That makes it worse.
by Dakarai007 March 7, 2011
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A hand sign for friends.

Place your thumb against the palm of your hand, then cross your middle and ring finger. The pinky finger represents the word 'you', the index finger represents the words 'and I', and the crossed middle / ring fingers represent the words 'are tight'.

Now, with your other hand, point to your pinky, index, and crossed middle / ring fingers, respectively. "You and I are tight".

*special thanks to Justin for this one <3*
Dude 1: Are we really best friends?
Dude 2: Are you kidding?? *makes hand symbol* You and I are tight!
by _allismine_ December 19, 2006
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you am i is sizzlingly saaxy in a musical sence, unneccisary comma
by henross September 11, 2004
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this is a game played with two alcoholics trying to get drunk with eachother. One person buys two shots for the two of them, then the second person buys two shots. This continues until you are sufficiently drunk or blacked out preferably
Hey Johnny lets play you shot I shot to get shitfaced.
by functioning alcoholic October 1, 2011
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