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the act of which twins dress and look the same on the same day.
Brittany and Brandice entered the room looking the exact same.
Kim: omg they're twining today!
Finney: lol you should put that on urbandictionary!
Kim: lol i should!
by Princess64943 April 10, 2010
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to twine 1. a seemingly north british word meaning to moan or whine about something. This is often used by parents to try to put children off moaning at them 2. To turn a skipping rope round in your hands.
"Stop twining at me!" "It's your turn to twine the rope"
by Pippa from up north March 23, 2007
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a threesome with a set of twins.
Scarlette-"I think I went twining last light."
Jenifer-"who with?"
Scarlette-"Brandon and Dustin"
Jenifer-"freaking sweet!"
by Small Loans November 1, 2011
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a word used when playing soccer or football. means to skill up and humiliate opposing players.
Ronaldinho twined up the whole team
by anonymoses April 2, 2006
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to complain, moan and whinge about something
'stop your twining you miserable git'
by vicci neill June 26, 2005
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A set of identical siblings who happen to look alike.
* Ian impregnates his new lover on the beach as they whale watch. They will now give birth to twines any second. *
by MikeIan December 12, 2019
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