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the act of which twins dress and look the same on the same day.
Brittany and Brandice entered the room looking the exact same.
Kim: omg they're twining today!
Finney: lol you should put that on urbandictionary!
Kim: lol i should!
by Princess64943 April 09, 2010
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Act of dividing an object into two equal and symmetrical parts.
Sam is twining the cake he bought so he can share it with his wife.
Twining of a strong flavored teabag allows two mild teabag to be made.
by Ka-Jang September 01, 2011
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a threesome with a set of twins.
Scarlette-"I think I went twining last light."
Jenifer-"who with?"
Scarlette-"Brandon and Dustin"
Jenifer-"freaking sweet!"
by Small Loans November 01, 2011
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to twine 1. a seemingly north british word meaning to moan or whine about something. This is often used by parents to try to put children off moaning at them 2. To turn a skipping rope round in your hands.
"Stop twining at me!" "It's your turn to twine the rope"
by Pippa from up north March 23, 2007
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The rather obvious portmanteau "shining" + Twitter. To communicate directly via the brain's electrical impulses through Twitter. Reference:
Brain-Twitter project offers hope to paralyzed .
by xrd1 April 23, 2009
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A con wherein the con artist gets a cashier to give the twiner more money than s/he gave the cashier plus their shopping for free. Here is an example of how the con might go:

1. Twiner buys a 60p packet of chewing gum with a £20 note.
2. After receiving £19.40 change, twiner 'remembers' he has a £1 coin in his pocket.
3. Twiner gives cashier 5 X £1 coins and asks for a £5 note in return.
4. Twiner distracts cashier with small talk and slips £5 into his pocket.
5. After the cashier has been engaged in enough small talk to make them forget about step #3, twiner gives the cashier a £5 and a £10 note and says, "Actually, you might as well just give me the £20 back."
6. If the twiner is good and the cashier forgetful, the cashier will give the twiner a £20.
7. Twiner now has £25 and a pack of gum from £20.
Chad has to get Nathan to do his shopping cos he's been banned from all the local shops for twining.
by Nist 858 November 19, 2017
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