A Dustin is alluring, wise, and adventurous. They have a lot of charisma and wit which makes them irresistible. They have the most beautiful tattoos and are great artist. Somethings they are quite selfish and unforgiving which makes them difficult to love at times. The most attractive ones go by Dusty.
Me:"I'm going out with Dustin tonight!"
Friend: "who's Dustin?"
Me:"The man I'm going to marry"
by Teal11 September 16, 2017
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The sweetest guy you will ever meet. Is deep and really cares for people. Very loving and always honest. Also... the best boyfriend ever!
by Ilovemybfdustin May 30, 2010
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A brave and loving, caring, awesome, paranoid person.
Dustin, stop adding words because the other dustin definitions are true.

Dustin: They are not true, people are stealing my name and giving me bad rep.
by Entangled March 11, 2009
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Used to describe persons who attend formal places wearing shorts.
"Did you see that guy at the funeral wearing shorts?"
"OMG tell me about it - what a Dustin"
by -Ean- September 7, 2008
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An ignorant fuckboy. Probably white
Wow, look at that guy over there? Hes such a Dustin.
by JimiJohn666 July 11, 2015
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A very ignorant and diss honest person who doesn't do good with the ladies.
That guy over there is a Dustin.
by Bobby hillbilly December 4, 2013
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Ex: "I beat my girls Dustin up last night in bed."

ex: "you won't fight me? You're such a Dustin."
by homie in the garage October 17, 2013
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