A Dustin is alluring, wise, and adventurous. They have a lot of charisma and wit which makes them irresistible. They have the most beautiful tattoos and are great artist. Somethings they are quite selfish and unforgiving which makes them difficult to love at times. The most attractive ones go by Dusty.
Me:"I'm going out with Dustin tonight!"
Friend: "who's Dustin?"
Me:"The man I'm going to marry"
by Teal11 September 16, 2017
The name Dustin, usually (and from what I’ve seen from other definitions) seen as what they call, a Douch name or Two Timing Backstabbing Player name. But sometimes they are what people consider wholesome and caring and when they see those definitions, Think “Who Hurt You?”
That guy, His name may be Dustin but he sure is Wholesome

There can only be one sunshine, and that’s Dustin
by Dustin.. the nice one. November 8, 2019
Dustin is both gentle and stern, with a personality that makes you want to be around him even after he's said something that makes you wish to punch him. He is funny, but unforgiving. You cross him, and he will Never forget it. He is a very selfless person, and always puts others before himself. If you meet a Dustin, you are very lucky.
You see that funny looking dude over there? That's Dustin!
by 2Honest4You December 8, 2021
The sweetest guy you will ever meet. Is deep and really cares for people. Very loving and always honest. Also... the best boyfriend ever!
by Ilovemybfdustin May 30, 2010
A brave and loving, caring, awesome, paranoid person.
Dustin, stop adding words because the other dustin definitions are true.

Dustin: They are not true, people are stealing my name and giving me bad rep.
by Entangled March 11, 2009
Dustin is loyal honest, committed, He'll put his life on hold to help someone if they are going through a hard time and remind them what life SHOULD be like. He's caring, adventurus. Dustin has an extraordinary ability to solve ANY math or number problem there is, using only his brain. Dustin has NO filter he'll go into boss mode and whoop anybody's butt playing pool. He's competitive and he fights for what/who he loves, even when it seems like the whole world is against it. He doesn't give up. And the sentence (I can't) isn't in his vocabulary.
-Do you know that guy named Dustin?
-Hey Dustin, you know I'll love you forever and always, right?

-I watched Dustin BEAT that guy Shawn, at pool last night.
by HisBeauty March 25, 2019
A kind cowboy guy. A guy that is a cowboy. A funny dude. He is the type of guy who loves his steel toe boots. He is the best pal or whateva.
Whoa dude look at those boots....he must be a Dustin
by @joemamma October 15, 2019