Only the most amazing soccer player in the present world. However, his teeth are a little big. Just a little.
"Ronaldinho reminds me of Bugs."
"Which bug?"
"I mean the bunny."
"Shut up. I want to watch the game."
by alicia May 30, 2004
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Foolish popular belief is that this kid is from Brasil and really good at football.

The truth is that he is an alien who has visited Earth, liked the concept of a game of football and has decided to stick around. His skills are quite obviously not of this world. Makes mockery of defenders. Pulls of tricks nobody even thought of, let alone used on a football pitch. The most naturally gifted player of current football era.
You know that Ronaldinho's goal that put England out, that everyone thinks he didn't mean it?

Oh, he meant it.
by Dark Shadow March 10, 2005
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1. Greatest player to walk out of Brazil since Ronaldo.
2. A stabbing pain in the side of Alex Ferguson. Hahahaha.
3. Instigator of the most enjoyable moment of my life; Putting England out of the World Cup with a wonder Free-Kick from all of 35 Yards.
"Did you see the goal Ronaldinho scored against England in the World Cup? Yes? Well, guess what. You get to see it again."
by Johnny Pot Smoker September 3, 2003
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n. The best soccer player in the world.

n. The guy that made bad teeth cool.
The only person who can beat Ronaldinho at soccer is Chuck Norris.

Joe: "Hey bro, did you know that Ronaldinho used to have straight teeth?"

Jordan: "For real, what happened?"

Joe: "Well, when Ronaldinho scored against Chuck Norris, Chuck gave him a swift roundhouse kick to the face."
by Jordan G., Joseph N. August 18, 2007
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A ronaldo chopping genius who thinks he makes big bucks but really only has big teeth and a small dick so he can chew with his big teeth Ronaldinho in general is a guy that will jump from one woman to the next in a flash this is because he thinks he’s hard and has a small dick
Dam Ronaldinho is gay
by Saminman October 21, 2018
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Overrated skill merchant who is more an image than a footballer. Kids or people with no football knowledge got him in top 10 while but he doesn't make top 30
"Ronaldinho is better than Zidane" - this sentence is one of the first signs of autism
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1. one of the ugliest motherfuckers you will ever see, or
2. one of the best soccer players you will ever see.
by Adrian August 20, 2006
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