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n.see gooch. fleshy area between the scrotum and the rectum. Between the penis and the anus thus tweenis. That part you might hit if you fall riding a guys bicycle.
"My friend Kris fell straddling the back of a chair and luckily missed his balls but totally bruised his tweenis."
by Anonymous March 27, 2003
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a tweenis is part male and female preferably a male cat because it doesnt have penis that hangs out but it doesnt have a vagina either so its called a tweenis half twat and half penis
paws the cat has a tweenis.
people born with both sex parts usually have a tweenis
by Chrissy1987 December 13, 2008
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Portmanteau word, made up of "tiny", "weiner", and "penis". It's an insult similar to calling someone a "dick".
Stop being such a tweenis, dude!
by Goatrider March 16, 2006
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