Bella's are beautiful although they try to deny it, even their name means beautiful in Italian. Bella's are very shy when you first meet them but once they feel comfortable with you they will become a totally different person outgoing and daring. She knows your deal right when she looks at you although she won't say it she knows when she's being lied to. Bella's can be quite secretive but that gives her this unique mysterious aditude that keeps you interested. But if Bella knows she can trust you she will be an open book. Bellas are bery weird and unique they dont fall for guys easily at all,Bellas have high standards. Bellas are usually the most mature one of a kind girl out of their friends. Bellas are very artistic and love drawing. Bellas also love to write and are excelent singers. over all Bella's are beautiful on the inside out they are very down to earth and caring girls.
Guy #1: I'm inlove with Bella she's different than anyother girl I've ever met.

Guy#2: you should tell her how you feel

Guy#1: I want to but she's been my best friend since we were 5
by B26 January 27, 2015
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Bella is the most beautiful girl you will ever come by. She will amaze you with her sense of humor and her ability to brighten your day with a click of a button. She looks like an angel who has come down to earth and no girl could ever compare with her. Bella is also a girl with many flaws. She may seem perfect when you first meet her but you soon realize her little quirks and imperfections which make you love her 100x more. If you are a boy like me and have had the blessing to have a Bella in his life. DO NOT LET HER GO you will strongly regret it if you do.
I have a Bella in my life and I love her so much <3 you are the girl of my dreams Bella
by _lol_ June 23, 2014
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She's the most beautiful girl you can ever lay eyes on. Ever feature she possesses is perfect in an imperfect way. She is a complete risk taker, and also very fun and outgoing. When you first meet her, she won't be as loud, but as soon as she gets into her comfort zone with you she'll be wild and fun. She also has a good touch with nature and animals, and although she's very smart, she can be an idiot sometimes. She's very trust worthy and sometimes hides her feelings, but one way or another you'll end up knowing them. She's just beautiful in her own way.
"Did you see that pretty girl? She looked like her name was Bella!"

"That new girl Bella is such a risk taker!"
by Beauty_143 November 12, 2015
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Bella is literally what the name means, beautiful. True Beauty emanates from this girl from the deepest part of her soul to everything that she touches. Not only does she hold the treasure of true beauty, but her touch can warm the heart. Her smile, make men weak at the knees. Any man to ever have the chance to be with this angel is consider blessed. This girl deserves everything from a good cup of tea to a VW van to falling in love. If you have ever met a girl like this you will know right away that any good thing said about her must be true. She has that one thing that is indescribable, that everyone wants. All words will fall short of this beauty, but that has never stopped a man from trying. Is she not only outstandingly pretty, but sexy as well. The way she fixes her hair, puckers her soft lips or the way she makes goofy faces. It doesn't help the cause that she has a smoking body either. She loves books and tea which makes her oh so smart. A good man would go to the other side of the earth for this girl only in hope to get a kiss on the cheek from her. Bella wouldn't believe a word that has been said, but that is what makes her so incredible. She might not love her stomach or the sound of her own voice, but any good man would love those imperfections endlessly.
"That girl you met in math class is called Bella. You'd be very lucky to ever meet a girl more outstanding than her "

"Dude, she watches The Ellen show religiously! You should ask her out!"
by Nealio14 November 24, 2013
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The most beautiful girl you will ever see. The moment you lay eyes on her, she is permenently engraved in your mind. She is not only beautiful, but she has the most wonderful personality. After you meet her, you can't stop talking to her! She is perfect in every way! She is the girlfriend you always wanted. Bella's boyfriend is considered the luckiest man on earth! She has hundreds of guys head over heels for her. Bella is simply the most attractive girl ever seen! If you know a Bella, be lucky to know such an amazing, special girl as Bella
Guy: Wow! That girl is smokin! She must be a bella
by Caligurl4lyfe February 12, 2015
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n. A very fun, crazy girl. Usually very pretty. If you know what I am sayin'.
Bellas humor is so magnetic, I want to be around her all the time.

Bella is hilarious. We have so many inside jokes, like pew, pew, pew.
by Corrynella November 01, 2012
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