Milo is an amazing person who knows all viral memes and videos he is awesome at everything and treats the person he's in a relationship with like it was his own life if your name is milo you were born to make the world better
OH MY GOSH ur name is Milo????
by milo's gf January 30, 2017
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Milo does insane things quite often and gets caught doing them almost all the time, he is not quite and will have his voice heard no matter the cost! He will never get anyone in trouble, he will take the blame at any cost! He will never rat on anyone no mater what! He is a mad puller, is funny, can be quite intelligent at times but is not good at anything he finds un-interesting, is quite attractive and will do anything for his friends! He is not the jealous type but can get jealous when his girlfriend or ex hooks up with another guy but that doesn’t happen a lot since he is not the type that one would leave!
He does not think before he acts and that results in some pretty funny/dangerous situations but would never endanger a friend he is kind and caring! He can be sensitive and if you ever hurt him I swear to god you are evil! Anyways he is a great friend/boyfriend you are lucky to have him if you do!
Milo stop using that weed it’s bad for you!
by IwasGay February 18, 2020
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Milo, you're absolutely perfect and I wish i was brave enough to tell you
by MothGhost May 24, 2021
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A guy who loves art and drawing, he's an artist who loves drawing himself and other things.. like cats! Milo love love loves cats! he also loves getting closer to his friends (and lover), he's sweet and caring, he's the type of person to come when you're crying or hurt. Milo is always there for you, if you have Milo as your bf/husband... Never let him go, he doesn't like being alone at all. He hates when anyone annoys him and when he messes up a drawing, and just so you know... Milo loves you.
"Milo is your boyfriend??"
"You're so lucky!!!"
by M1L3Y November 4, 2022
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Milo is the best Australian drink in the world, we Australians swear by our Milo. Milo is an amazing chocolate powder that can be used for a hot chocolate or a chocolate milk, you decide. But it is an iconic Australian drink that needs to be recognized.
i love Milo so much
by bitchesbelike: April 27, 2020
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Milo is more than you could ever wish for in a friend or boyfriend or literally a person in general. If you know Milo, take it from me. You never want to let him go. He’s sweet, caring, SOO good at art, really good at guitar, just talented in general. He is so intelligent and amazing at teaching his friends things, it’s honestly so hot when he does like damn. He cares about other people and would never hurt anyone. He knows how to have a good time and he can be silly and stupid, but he knows when it’s too far and he can be serious as well. He’s so underrated and at first you might not think much of him, but once you know him you’ll want to be his best friend. He’s usually into kinda rock music, punk or something like that. I love Milo so so much and if you knew him so would you.
Amelia: Wait wait, you like Milo?
Josh: yeah, I guess I thought I made that obvious
Amelia: idk I guess you did, weird thing is, I like him too

Josh: skskkskskskskska
by Sjhisjhi February 20, 2021
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The guy that most girls will use or cheat on. Most girls will take advantage of how sweet Milo is. He is also the best guy you could ever meet. He is sweet and always there for you. Milo will never cheat on you, use you, or first with other girls. You have nothing to worry about when you're with Milo. He usually lives death core, metal, Christian screamo, and rock music.

Milo is one of the sweetest guys you'll meet. He is always there.for you, loves you and won't ever leave you. Not only does he have a heart bigger than anything, he's smart and mature. He doesn't lead you on and tease you. He knows how to be a gentlemen ams not hurt anyone. He is loyal, respectful, and trustworthy. You can tell him all your problems and no one else will know about them.
Girl #1: "I was dating Milo, but he was too nice and sweet so I cheated on him with Andrew.

Girl #2: " ever since the break up with Justin, Milo has been there for me. "

Girl #3: "Milo is the sweetest!! I love him so much
by xxthatemogirlxx October 15, 2014
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