Gooch is another word for chad: the region between the balls and the arse-hole; can be an erogenous zone for some.

Girl: I was fingering that part between his balls and his arse and there was shit there.
Everyone listening remained silent but later laughed among themselves:
'Eww! He had a shitty chad.'

When you measure your dick, you don't start at the arse-hole and include the chad; you risk getting shit on your measuring tape.
Q: What on earth is a gooch?
A: You know, the chad, the part between balls and arse.
by Chane. January 31, 2020
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a character for Diff-rent Strokes. He was the bully of Arnold
Arnaold was licking the Gooch's gooch after the quarrel
by matt b April 15, 2003
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the region between your asshole and your balls
ah, man my gooch hurts
by akdasadasd February 23, 2012
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The are between your chocolate starfish and your tube steak.
As Linda was rimming George, she was taken by surprise by the saltiness of his GOOCH.
by Doctor J. Weezey September 9, 2006
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area between nuts and ass hole. guy cooch = gooch
by Anonymous April 7, 2003
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This body part
Keeps things apart
sep'rating balls
from where shit calls...
When im a bad boy my mama bites my gooch
by Chuck Mangionnni February 4, 2009
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Skin between you nutsack and asshole
I have a huge gooch.
Dude, stop playin with your gooch.
I whacked it for 3 hours last night, and my gooch hurts like a bitch.
by Dirty Jew October 28, 2002
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