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one who is of the hipster variety, uses words like eloquent grunts of superiority.
wow what a twah! or "I eat a strictly vegan diieet." (last word exaggerated)
by kidinthehall January 09, 2011
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1.a word that expresses any random expressions or thought
2.a common word that can be used to substitute for any word
u want; kinda for stupid people who dont noe a lot of
vocab and cant think of the right word so they just say
3.a fun word to say wenever u want
u wanna come over and have a band practice,(twah)
hey!,(twah) lets go throw a smoke bomb in the school yard!
im gonna kill u, (twah)
if u dont noe wat twah means, ur an ignorant asshole, suck on twah
by zildjian March 12, 2007
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Exclatory; Can be used several different ways.

1. Exclamatory; Wow
2. Greeting; Hey, Hello, Yo
4. Fairwell; See ya, Buh Bye
5. Randomness; Toaster, Folding chair

Any twaH where the H is not capatalized and all other letters are lowercase is not of the same defiition, nor is it really a word.

An official word of DDRNWI
Nate stubed his toe: twaH!

Hey trenT, twaH!

d00d, DDRNWI, twaH!
by Nate Sexton March 05, 2004
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can be used instead of "too"
or can be used if you are the third person saying "too"
Joe: "Who wants pizza?"
Jane: "Me!"
Jack: "Me too!"
Jill: "Me Twah!"
by Chris West July 31, 2005
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