Kilogram, usually refering to narcotics.
I almost got busted with 2 keys in my trunk.
by Hell4aHuslta January 24, 2003
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A meeting where you go alone and which it's supposed to be between 2 people, but you usually get jumped by many guys, ending up dead. From there on, nobody knows what happened to you. The word originates from the romanian "cheie".
John: I'm going to meet up with him.
Andrew: Don't go, it's a key.


Ionel: "Ma duc sa ma vad cu el."
Andrei: "Nu te duce, e cheie."
by darthfr November 4, 2022
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1. A metal (or other hard, moldable substance, e.g. plastic, carbon, cheese) device that opens or closes a lock
2. 1 Kilogram (2.2 lbs, 35.27 oz) of narcotics
3. A clue that triggers understanding of something previously a mystery/unknown
4. A tone characteristic of an event
5. A sequence of characters entered on computer that unlocks a software program allowing access to the program's features to those who've legally or illegally obtained said rights for the aforementioned software. See Piracy

6. to use a key to scratch a vehicle's paint job in order to show approbation for the owner of said car, car owners in general, or just to piss off the Man
7. LuLu Lemon-wearers' term for 'cool'.
8. Passport of entry or symbol of welcome obtained by proving ones superiority
1. He had to kick in the door when he broke the key to his apartment in the lock
2. Trent was shot when crossing the border with half a key of coke in his North Face bookbag
3. The key to unravel the mystery of a Law&Order case always comes in the last 15 minutes
4. "Do you want to see a show and have dinner, or would you prefer something low key like going back to your place to screw?"
5. I never pay for MS software, I just download the key generator from the pirate bay
6. You can't park your car out on the street in this district because local vandals will key shit out of your paint job
7. OMG like that is so key LOL ROFL TTYL BBF
8. The town gave local-boy George the keys to the city when he pitched a shutout against the Yankees in the play-offs
by June 9, 2009
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A key is a kilo of Coke a key is worth 20 g's real big money making if you own keys
1.Ayo crosby just sold off 1 key to Big J yesterday right?
2. During the drug bust cops raided my crib and found 2 keys under my bed
by Brick City** March 10, 2005
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Short for kilogram. Taken from the (ki) in kilogram. Usually referring to cocaine.
"I heard you had a key of cocaine in the trunk?"
by +Skep'tiKaL- March 21, 2007
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just perfect... one of those things that would make you a whole lot happier at any given time
a big mack would be key right now
by mstar June 26, 2003
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