Keeping the vibe chill, mellow, and lowkey. Making sure there’s no capitalization on the situation.
“Yo no cap I’m not havin a good time” - dude 1
“Hey don’t worry dog, just keep it lowercase” dude 2

“That party was totally lowercase. We were chillin all night.”
by colegasm July 20, 2019
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A really good friend that always has your back. A generally good person to be around.
You: You're such a lowercase tyler.
Someone/friend: Aww thanks!... Wait what?
by -Izze January 5, 2021
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Abnormally small teeth. An adult with toddler sized teeth.
“That weird girl with uppercase gums and lowercase teeth.”
“With what?”
“You know, huge gums and small teeth.”
by Lamp5 August 28, 2021
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Someone who is a really good friend, and does things to benefit you
Briana is a lowercase tyler, she helped me carry my books.
by Distraught_Potato January 5, 2021
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To talk down to someone that is not trying there the best like other people are

Talk Trush about someone to give people low confidence to believe in their self basically (talk about people or say bad stuff about people too turn them into a bad person
December was teaching his little brother Gurtris how lowercase someone to help him get a girlfriend..
by MJ Duane June 15, 2022
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A dick that is so small it is not considered a dick
Stereotypical Asians, Some Clay Aitken figured men, etc.

Carrie: I think that Asian boy In lot is too hot

Me: ooh you want that lowercase d
by Diamondhigh_ December 21, 2013
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Part time racist people who hide their racism for fear losing social position or income.
Larry's only a member of the lowercase kkk, on weekends at home, after a few beers.
by SaidWhatWhen July 3, 2017
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