a citizen of the country which gave the women the right of selecting and being selected before than any european countries in 1934.and turk males cannot marry to more than one woman.
i went to turkey and saw turks do not have tails as we supposed before
by panzerkampf December 19, 2005
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a euroasian nation who has no link with arabs -ON THE CONTRARY TO "THESAURUS OF UD- instead of a border neigbourliness. the reason turks are thought to be arabs may be because of the religion(islam) of both nations, even turks are secular public.
turks and jews as being two pal nations hate arab terorrism .
by berrystillinaspin December 20, 2005
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A person who has mongolian origins, speaks an altaic language called Turkish, a native of one of the Turkic countries, such as Turkey, Azarbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhistan etc. and who is commonly mistaken for Arabs and Persians, usually by some stupid westernese or arrogant Aussies.
"hehe so you are a turk eh? mohamed jihad jihad ? hehehe..."
"sorry, don't know arabic, I speak TURKISH, you retard!"
by Attillaaaa April 12, 2008
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the people who are prejudged by most of the people in europe and the usa and its my belief the racists here dont know about us as much as they think they do

you absolutely have right to criticize and i saw some good criticism that we gotta take lesson from but abusing a race doesnt make sense believe me...
the word 'turk' is not a compliment or insult like any other nationality name
by benbirpipodegilim October 29, 2008
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South London term meaning to beat up, assault, hospitalise etc. Derived from 'The Turks' a gang of London mobsters of the 1950's renowned for their violent punishment beatings.
"Talk to me like that once more and I'm gonna turk you Calvert"
(Hawkwind bass player Adrian Shaw, quoted in the book 'Do Not Panic - The official history of Hawkwind'.)
by black flag May 31, 2004
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a race that is mostly being bulshitted about..
a race that causes someones to be so ridicilous..
a race that is mostly thought wrongly..
a race that causes -somehow?!?!? - ppl to change their thoughts when they visit the country in which they live..
a race that was lied about for some countries' benefits in history..
a race that in shocked since ppl can still believe that lies..
a race that isnt eventually digested..
a race that has modern people in own country..
a race that has Istanbul ( someones should digest that)
a race that has opened the doors of archives to Armenians in order to research genocide lie..
a race that is still waiting for some Armenians (to make a search)..
a race that expects to be opened the door of opposite archives..
a race that accepts some Armenians were killed but not systematically..not genocide..
a race that has bad some ppl like every race !..
without having knowledge, having an idea about turk is so ridicilous that most falls into this sitiation..you dont have to like but you have to respect!!
info : i have just read that someone sentenced Turks coz of killing 2 million Armenians..so funny..coz in 1915, there was 1,3 million Armenians in Turkey..lol..
you can ask to me why you believe my source..you should believe coz Ottoman Empire used to take a tax from un-muslims like Armenians..it had to count them correctly coz of money that would come from them..lol
by the way they just used to take money as a tax...not their daughters or mothers..
by Onur March 18, 2007
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