Putrid liquified pungent green baby feces. Obscure French slag.
Usually occurs when a person has had a bad diet of wine and pomme-frites.
“If I go out drinking tonight I’ll end up having a such a sore stinging calvert”.

Je ne veux pas avoir un mauvais calvert - I don’t want to have a bad shit.
by Mr Corbeire December 18, 2020
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A name for a male. Possibly comes from latin "Calvus" meaning bald... Maybe. Not all Calverts are bald though. It's just a nickname. Like Cicero means "chickpea" cause someone had a really huge nosewart, so they called him chickpea, and the name just kind of got passed down. Having the name Calvert really demonstrates nothing at all about ones personality. Calverts can be both scum of the earth, or pretty cool guys. Also, its not always a black person name. White people can be named Calvert too
Person 1: Hey, whats that kids name?
Person 2: Calvert.
Person 1: Oh, I wonder if that name comes from the latin root "Calvus?" He seems like he has a full head of hair though, so it must be a nickname passed down from a bald ancestor. Other than that, I can infer nothing about his personality, economic status, or any other personality traits.
Person 3: Calvert is a name which spans all races!
by bkscrandom May 20, 2012
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Calvertism is the belief in mixing foods.
I walked into the room and saw Brian preaching about the art of Calvertism in the Cafeteria.
by Brian Calvert October 14, 2005
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The most motherfucking beautiful human being according to literally everyone who likes supernatural a goddamn smocking hot bab but his personality is like a baby boy because he is a child
Alexander Calvert’s new name is papi chulo-SSD
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Calvert County, MD means different things to different people. Bordered by the Chesapeake Bay and the Pataxuent River, Calvert County is attracting wealthy, Volvo-driving liberals who like to sail on the Chesapeake Bay and send there kids to prep schools like Key School and Calverton School. They work in Washington or Annapolis and play/sleep in Calvert County on the weekends. For the locals, Calvert County is made up of bitter farmers who don't like them city folk stealin' theirland.
Calvert County resident post 1985: "Let's hop in the BMW, pick up some steamed crabs, and eat them on the boat.

Calvert County local: "Damn newcomers takin' my land! I can't go huntin' where I want no more!"
by Annapolitan December 24, 2005
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One of the most finest EDL members loves a Stella can’t keep of the booze. Goes down to dover with Tommy Robinson and John Calvert gets black out drunk and beats up people with any colour on there skin. Sadly still lives with his mum Clare
Bill Calvert Been down the boozer playing darts again
by Bill EDL Calvert June 19, 2021
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