A man who’s a complete sarcastic king. Originating from the character of the same name from Need For Speed Heat.
Is this your car?
Yes sir-
Quite a Shaw you are.
by Justicewithtacosandweed November 14, 2019
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Name for a guy. One of the best friends you will ever have. Always there for you. super cute and funny. Always makes you smile. Great boyfriend. Caring smart athletic and just all around amazing person.
Oh yeah that's Shaw. He's basically amazing
by ohemgelawdy February 7, 2011
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a. a thicket in a wood
b. Shaw (shyea, yea)
c. a good title to give someone.
a. a old english term from scottland
b. yes, " you going to the movies"?
" Shaw"!
c. "thats kids awesome"
" He's a Shaw"!
by Dr.Shaw June 28, 2007
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A man who is sarcastic, and constantly likes to cause drama for no reason at all and belittle others lowlier than him.

One who is similar to the secondary antagonist of the same name from the 2019 racing game Need For Speed: Heat.
Shaw: Do you have a car?
Player: Yes sir-
by SunFlow3 March 21, 2021
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A facebook legend who against obvious physical deficiencies resists the reality that chicks don't dig him although his homies support his self image.
Did you see the posts from that guy on facebook about all the women that want to be with him? Yeah, his buddy's keep feeding his ego, but they continue to reject him. What a Shaw!
by realitychecker4U September 29, 2011
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to awkwardly dry hump someone, usually only one person receives pleasure from this action, commonly people who shaw are socially strange and sometimes extremely shy
I was buying ice cream when this guy just came up and shawed me
Dude I dare you to go and shaw that biddie
by inthegrocerystore February 28, 2011
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The tightest neighborhood in DC. Contains LeDroit Park, U Street, and Shaw itself. A Mecca of black culture with some of the best jazz and the occasional Go Go. 9:30 club is there, as is Howard University. You can't go to Shaw without going to Ben's Chili Bowl (12th and U) and maybe bumping into Portis, Cosby, Dre, Arenas, Fenty, and any number of other celebrities.

It's kinda gentrified now, but it's way too close to "the ave" (Georgia Ave), and certain parts of North Capital St to lose its street appeal.
I'm going to Ben's in Shaw on U St. to get a half-smoke: Chili, onions, and mustard.
by DC_GoGo_Lover January 3, 2009
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