A word used to describe something cool or a simple acknowledgement; like a greeting. Often times followed up with the phrase piss up a rope.
Norman: "Tug!" Can I use your house to get laid on Friday night?

Jon: Piss up a rope!

Mark: Brian is with the Milker tonight.

Jon: Tug!!!
by The Boy Who Never Speaks November 03, 2011
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Something that is wank i.e. crap, shit, poor.
That new game's tug.

I need to get a new car, mine's tug.
by Dan_24 April 20, 2008
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Better than a Thug: Gangster like; Totally awesome;King/Queen like; Winning
That girls is a Tug.
by lilbreezy6969 July 22, 2011
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Abbreviation of Tall Ugly Guy. Generally a lanky dude, reminiscent of napoleon dynamite that hangs out with hot boys: similar to the token ugly girl in this way. Seems unfortunately to often be the most eager to flirt with any girl available, that or hurl abuse about her being ugly.
"ohh you mean the TUG that hangs out with jack? oh, okay i have never known his real name"
by non-event September 01, 2006
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lily the good nut: tugs is so cute

lily the bad nut: yes i know that is why i chose him over his brother
by your only friend December 28, 2020
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Up to when I was 9, without another tug, I’m always trapped inside my Fruit Of The Loom Dark Blue Stripe Underwear, which all I can do is love to cry!
by Turo Fernandez October 28, 2020
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Tug is where you go for a quick handjob and let some rub your dick up and down.
by The Chicken Sac August 06, 2018
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