a word that we use in the place of "bro", "nigga", "dog", or in place of there name.
"whatupp brehhh!"

"shit greasy breh, whatup"

"datwadupp brehh"
by GreasyBoCasey. September 03, 2009
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from the jamaican word bretheren (means brother, whereas sistheren, is sister)
wheres ur breh's now?
by Rastafari July 30, 2004
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A casual term used by urban youths around the country, but mainly used by those who are from Dirty South; more specifically Durham, NC a.k.a. "The Bullcity". Mostly used to greet somebody, even females.
Person 1: "What up breh?"
Person2: "Chillin' breh."
by B.Genius October 06, 2006
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Originally used by youths as a shortened version of bretherin to describe their gang/group members.

It has now been picked up by many university students, especially rahs, in an attempt to sound cool or ghetto

It is now often used in place of a name for someone who is unknown.

youth: "yo, breh lets get wasted"

rah: "yaar, yaar, thaaats like literally a mega idea. I'll jast get some more brehs involved. mate, its going to be totally messy"

youth: *sigh*
by fella999 April 30, 2009
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1. a member of a very close group of friends or "bros"

2. one who is always their for his close friends and never flakes out

3. you can call many people "bros" but only your closest friends can be called "brehs"

4. often used for smoking buddies
1. "tryna come swoop me breh?" "Hell yeah breh i got you breh"

2. "that dude is my breh!"

3. "when you gonn get a job breh?"

4. "tryna roll tonight breh?" "Hell yeah im always down to roll with you breh"
by Young Gage June 24, 2009
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