(Throw Up Girl) one who cannot sit at a family dinner or just sit in front of a plate of food without have the urge to vomit in mid-air or become nauseated out of the blue.
Mom: Hey Kimmy its time for dinner

Kimmy: -gags- I'm coming

Minutes later at the dinner table....
mom: Kimmy please eat your dinner
Kimmy: -panics, turns gray- I'm not hungry anymore

mom: -looks at Kimmy-
Kimmy: -gags-
Mom: get outta my sight with that TUG shit.....
by DMJAY October 01, 2013
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Man, I just ate 3 bowls of bran flakes, but I don't even feel a tug.
by Positive K74 January 31, 2020
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to take a direct drink of liquor from the bottle with, or without a chaser.
Look at that guy taking TUGS of karkov!
by Twaka41 March 17, 2010
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stands for The Urban Gentleman

(sometimes goes by UG, instead of TUG)

It's a online magazine/book/blog that has been around since 2008. They also sell fashion/clothes/accessories style stuff too.
1. Have you read the new TUG article?

2. Boi, you betta go read T.U.G to get your swag up!

3. I just read that TUG article, and those Jimmy Choo sneakers they featured are pretty sweeet!
by ThomasYepMe February 23, 2012
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this is the ghetto pronounciation for the word "thug".
yo is you a tug?
by dreone April 23, 2003
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The characterisics of a homosexual person in a dog.

A male, gay dog.

The tendency of a male dog to hump another male dog.
"Get that Tug off my dog"

"Everything was fine at the dog park until that Tug showed up"
by Mitch McSpanklesworth March 23, 2006
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Not what tug actually means. A nice guy. A funny nickname, still stupid though... sorry tug.
via giphy
by its pronounced gif September 13, 2018
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