The characterisics of a homosexual person in a dog.

A male, gay dog.

The tendency of a male dog to hump another male dog.
"Get that Tug off my dog"

"Everything was fine at the dog park until that Tug showed up"
by Mitch McSpanklesworth March 23, 2006
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stands for The Urban Gentleman

(sometimes goes by UG, instead of TUG)

It's a online magazine/book/blog that has been around since 2008. They also sell fashion/clothes/accessories style stuff too.
1. Have you read the new TUG article?

2. Boi, you betta go read T.U.G to get your swag up!

3. I just read that TUG article, and those Jimmy Choo sneakers they featured are pretty sweeet!
by ThomasYepMe February 23, 2012
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"Thug" - west indian accent, mainly dancehall artists like Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Sizzla inspired by hip-hop legend Tupac's use of the word thug. Now commonly used in the UKG and grime music scenes of east london.
no one can tes ma breh, rollin like he a true tug
by garmz January 22, 2005
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the token ugly girl-a girl who hangs around with a group of fit girls-go for her to make a quick entry into the fit girls there is always TUG
you:hey girl how u doin?
TUG:gd thnks u?
you:im doin great now.

all the hot girls think u fancy her and this is a first for her so they all contact u and it goes from there!
by dirtybertie August 31, 2006
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