Another word that originated frin a typo. It means everything, but is spelled in an orange lily way. It also involves Neopets commercials. Did you know the aardvarks rock? Well, they do.
Andrew: o yea at school my friend and i started calling *everyting* weird a neopet
by mryellowbunbun April 2, 2009
Dont worry about Rudolph spilling the bubbly over the persian rug. You can have one of the chaps at the dry cleaners look at it. Then Everyting cris Gandolph.
by dchohan August 31, 2008
Fresh a$$ food that belongs on every table. This LA-based grab-n-go store and delivery service is bringing nutritious, chef-prepared meals to the hood. Their mission of #JustGoodFood is fighting food insecurity and changing up our food system!
Oh you got that Everytable Trap Kitchen Curry? Say less.
by JustGoodFood November 23, 2021