buttocks, butt, backside, bottom, posterior, ass, rear-end, booty.

Yiddish in origin.
She slipped on the ice and landed on her tuches.
by I shouldn't know these things February 24, 2008
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the act of pretending to be drunk to get with drunk women
Harry must have been tuching last night to hook up with all those girls, I didn't see him drink anything all night.
by tuchman1 June 22, 2009
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An extreamly attractive woman, with a beautiful smile, and a great personality.
That girl is so perfect, she could be a tuche.
by Jon September 03, 2004
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The name for a lean sprinter who plays soccer.
Kevin: Yeah, we played against Linden yesterday.
Troy: Yeah?
Kevin: Yeah, and that left defender is crazy.
Troy: Yup, just another 'Tuch.

by Bob Sag-it June 21, 2006
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a way to type pp touch without the words getting censored in video games
Gamer A: I got my pp ******* yesterday
Gamer B: Dude just say pp tuched
by AcidityBM September 22, 2020
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