when reffering to a man: A man who is down to earth, caring, thoughtfull, laidback,etc

reffering to a woman : a lady who is f-ugly
Why wont you go out with my friend? She has a great personality!

Exactly,now fuck off!
by shitty Nicko November 18, 2004
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A caring, funny, amazing and all around marvelous person just like London
Aye bro you know London?” “Yeah man she’s the best” “she is the definition of a great person
by Yung Joosh March 5, 2019
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Anyone who achieves something & has a name for himself in history showing & making people remember his name is considered great in any given field . Doing work which is useful to mankind or making people happy can make you a great person too.
MJ , Newton,Aparajith,Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Einstein great person
by kittylove78 December 15, 2011
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someone who you admire a lot, not for looks, etc, but for their personality and what they do,
generally someone who has a good social, sex, and online life, and with a good reputation, you might think they're a hidden serial killer, buts thats the only goody two shoes shits, if theres homework the teacher forgot, they will probably shut the fuck up.
Rebecca: Did you see Adam?
Tiffany: You have a boyfriend!
Rebecca: No! He's just a great person, I don't love him!
Tiffany: Oh, sorry, he does seem like he actually contributes good to the capitalist hellhole we live in.
Rebecca: What?
by weird eye the science guy December 9, 2018
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"She has a great personality" can be used when talking about a girl with a great rack or ass in lieu of using vulgar comments or to simply hide your true thoughts from friends or females in the vicinity.

Slang for a nice set of tits or ass
*About a girl with huge tits*

Joe - Damn, she has a great personality!

Brian - Yeah her personality is huge!

"That girl has a real tight personality!
"Yeah she's got an amazing personality!"
by The Juggernaut73 August 8, 2012
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An extremely sarcastic comment stated by men who are trying to describe a girl that is one, or any combination of the following: fat, bitchy, moody, dumb, annoying, or abstinent . When stating that a girl has a "great personality" it is usually to give the illusion to any surrounding "great personalities" that the guy who is talking is actually not critisizing the blatantly negative aspects of a womans character, when in fact he rightfully is.
Dude1:"I cant belive this girl is freaking out over nothing! WTF?!?!?"

Dude2:"I told you man, shes got a great personality..."


by cockjuggling thundercunt February 24, 2010
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