A name for both the male and female gender. Extremely attractive either way. Probably one of the sexiest names in the universe. Anyone named Linden is obviously awesome and hot. Especially if they are a girl.
Random Hot Guy #1: "Bro did you see that Linden chick?"
Random Hot Guy #2: "Dayuumm yeah I did.... she fine...."

Attractive Girl #1: "Did you see Linden?"
Attractive Girl #2: "He is sooo hot!"

The President: "I announce this country, the country of Linden! Because she/he is the hottest person in the world."
by A fellow Linden May 29, 2013
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An amazing person who is good at everything he does. Smart, cute, caring, and funny. Someone who is easy to love. Girls always fall for him but he only wants one of em.
Who's tht guy over there?

Oh thts Linden

Seriously? Hes cute.

Yeah, i know. and hes minee.
by Alice Lockheart October 15, 2010
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This girl is damn fine and super hot. She is super generous, and amazing at singing, so unique and funny and socially awkward. She is a poet but just does not know it yet and her lover is the internet and cats. She can even levitate. Damn Africa.
Omg who's dat girl


Omg does she like pizza? Because i want a pizza that ass. Unf
by SquidMonkey May 7, 2013
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The surname of a large extended virtual family which acts as the "gods" (i.e. administrators) of the metaverse known as Second Life. Any avatar with the last name "Linden" is therefore part of an elite upper echelon of Second Life muckety-mucks responsible for new policies/protocols/programming but never responsible for such trivialities as lag, sim crashes, missing inventory items, or gridwide outages.

The hoi polloi are thereby cautioned: if you spot a Linden in-world, approach at your own risk; griefing a Linden may be the ultimate in hilarity but it will likely herald the end of your Second Life.

*Disclaimer: the most friendly of all the Linden family is likely Torley Linden, as witnessed by his uberchirpy trademark "Friendly Greetings" salutation and his many helpful YouTube tutorials.
Q: Why do I keep crashing so much?
A: Because the Lindens hate you, n00b.

Some well known Linden family members:

Philip Linden (founder of Second Life), Torley Linden, Kate Linden, Pathfinder Linden,Teagan Linden
by Teh 'Riginal Vixy September 6, 2009
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A really cute guy who is fairly smart, hilarious, and fun to be around. Most girls see him as a friend, but he is very popular and everyone loves him. Everyone knows him, and he is easy to talk to. He is very artistic. He plays a sport, such as wrestling.
"That guy is so hilarious! He's kinda cute to."
"Oh, thats Linden."
by jessjess333 March 14, 2010
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Linden is a gender neutral name used more in Europe. Linden is a person who is active a plays sports. They are kind but are very pushy. They are very good looking boy or girl. Linden's are honest and loyal.
Linden is at the mall

I'm in a class with linden

(If you meet a linden your lucky being their friend is easy)
by Lady grey 3108 November 10, 2019
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