An abbreviation for The Umbrella Academy; a comic series originally written by Gerard Way that has now become a Netflix adapted TV series
Can also be abbreviated as UA
Robert: Hey man have you watched TUA yet?
Sheri: No but I've heard it's really good
by klausjoneshasappeared April 22, 2019
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Tua is a great friend. She is loud and you know shes around the corner by hearing her laugh. Tua takes so much pride in her culture which is most likely to be samoan. She may be a stubborn hoe. She hates everyone but she loves the Lord. Her best friends would most likely be tongan if not samoan.
tua has a bitchy attitude.
by blueredgreenyello..... October 17, 2019
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A professional raging cunt that playing MineKraft and stabs people for bedwars experience. he is good at the game and is a professional minekrafter. (usually roaming around hypixel) auto friends-doesn't play with his 'Friends'
when you see tua on hypixel, u can friend him and remove him cuz he is a cunt.
by CuntTua March 6, 2018
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Abbreviated form of Thumb Up Ass, implying one is totally idle, doing nothing but sitting there with one’s thumb up one’s ass.
Hey Billy, got time to go for a beer?

Definitely! I’m just TUA right now.
by Haewood Jablomi August 1, 2023
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Literally it means "Your fucking dead ones".

It's often used in a comical manner, but it's still a heavy insult.
"Li mortacci tua, ma che cazzo stai facendo!?"

"For your fucking dead ones's sake, what the fuck are you doing!?"
by Ministry of Swearing February 18, 2014
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"A Tua Mãe" is a about 100x10^999 times more insulting than Gaylord. Unlike many other definitions claim, "A Tua Mãe" cannot be beaten by "fuck you" or any other insult.
Random Guy 1: Dude, you are a Gaylord!

Random Guy 2: "A Tua Mãe!"

Random Guy 1: Shit, I just got served
by da_gac February 2, 2019
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