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An abbreviation for The Umbrella Academy; a comic series originally written by Gerard Way that has now become a Netflix adapted TV series
Can also be abbreviated as UA
Robert: Hey man have you watched TUA yet?
Sheri: No but I've heard it's really good
by klausjoneshasappeared April 21, 2019

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A joke phrase, literally meaning "rest in peace in peace" commonly used by comedians like theodd1sout. Used in casual situations or jokes, not as an actual response to a real death.
James: My pet Rocky died last night
Alec: Rip in peace Rocky; gone too soon
by klausjoneshasappeared April 25, 2019

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A predominantly Southern Minnesotan term, used around the twin cities suburban area. Meaning the same as "Suck my dick" or other similar phrases.
Andy: I definitely cheated off of your test answers man
Noah: Go suck a bagel, Andy
by klausjoneshasappeared April 27, 2019

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